About Digital Product Partners

Digital Product Partners was founded in 2008 by experienced executives who understand that shifting to Digital, Design Thinking and Lean Start-up principles in large company is far different from a start-up.  However, we also knew how crucial it will be for to thrive in the Digital Economy. 

We also have experience working though the concerns of Risk, Finance, Human Resources, and Technology and working across organizational structures.  Our consultants help focus on business value,  strategy and proven frameworks and processes to embed Digital thinking from planning through execution.  We work with you to save your organization the pain of technology-led efforts that often result in misalignment, market risk, and expensive transformational restarts.

Digital Product Partners provides the expert and practical training, consulting, and facilitation to enable your organization from where it is starting today, and help you roadmap to a solid future in the Digital economy.  We focus on partnering with your leadership, your customers, your employees, Thought Leaders, and expert practitioners to help your organization execute your strategy for Digital.  

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Our Clients

Our clients range from the Fortune 500, to start-up and early stage companies.  From Ford Motor Company to Menlo Innovations, our diversity of industries and clients at different points in their journey makes us expert at knowing where you stand next to both competition and upstarts.   Want a tour of another client on a similar journey?  Want to visit Menlo Innovations or a start-up in your industry?  We can help make those introductions.